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​This blog post was created as part of a paid partnership with ANGOSTURA.

Hey guys! How are ya thing lovely day?

I wanted to share with you my experience at Liquor Lab here in Nashville with ANGOSTURA aromatic bitters. It was such an amazing event and one that I never even knew my city had but happy to have discovered.

I was invited by ANGOSTURA and Liquor Lab to create and celebrate the classic old fashioned. We created some pretty tasty cocktails and learned how to craft them from one of Nashvilles finest cocktail connoisseurs. As you scroll down you'll notice some recipes from 2 of my favorite cocktails that were made that evening. You're gonna love them.

We made 4 cocktails total each boasting their own punch of flavor and aromatics utilizing ANGOSTURA bitters and orange bitters. It's amazing to me how much ANGOSTURA aromatic bitters and orange bitters elevates a drink but it's definitely something that I will not live without in my liquor cabinet.

Now here's the good stuff. The recipes for 2 of my favorite cocktails from my evening with ANGOSTURA aromatic bitters and Liquor Lab.

Apple Jack Sazerac


1 oz. Bonded Rye Whiskey

1 oz. Apple Jack Brandy

1/4 oz. Simple Syrup

2 dashes Peychaud's Bitters

2 dashes Angostura aromatic Bitters

Barspoon Absinthe

Lemon Twist


1) Add sugar and bitters to mixing glass.

2) Add whiskey and brandy to mixing glass and add ice. Stir abundantly

3) Add bar spoon absinthe to chilled short rocks glass, swirl, discard.

4) Strain cocktail into glass

Rye Old Fashioned


1 teaspoon Demerara sugar

2 oz. rye whiskey

2 dashes Angostura aromatic bitters

2 dashes Angostura orange bitters

1 strip lemon peel


1) Spoon sugar into a shaker and add about a teaspoon of very hot water for simple syrup. Stir until dissolved, adding a little more water if needed

2) Add whiskey and bitter, and stir again.

3) Add several ice cubes and stir well to chill.

4) Strain into an old-fashioned glass, add 2-3 big ice cubes, twist lemon peel over the top of the glass and drop it in.

All in all it was a fun evening full of food, experimentation and creating some of the best cocktails I've had in a long time.

If you're in the Nashville or New York area be sure and checkout Liquor Lab and learn how to create some of the best. cocktails.

Also, don't forget to stock up on your ANGOSTURA aromatic bitters and orange bitters for your liquor supplies. Trust me! I won't make cocktails without it and I know you won't either once you've tried it.



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