CBDMEDIC For an active Lifestyle

This post is sponsored by CBDMEDIC but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Living an active lifestyle for me has always been what I’ve known since I was in high school. I started lifting weights in the gym and have never looked back. It’s always something that makes me feel better and anytime I can throw around some weights I know it’s going to be a good day. I can leave any frustration I have from the day on the weight room floor.

That being said, lifting can also take a toll on your body sometimes. Being sore a few days after my workout is something I love, ironically, because I know I put in a lot of work and I can feel it paying off. I started to incorporate CBDMEDIC into my post workout routine recently and I have to say it’s been a game changer in in my recovery process. I know that I can go out there and give it my all and can come home and use the “Active Sport” cream to help my muscles recover causing a decrease in soreness overall.

Be sure and checkout your local CVS to purchase your own CBDMEDIC and keep on doing what you love.


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