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Hey guys! what's up?!

So, as many of you know, Cameron and I have officially moved in together. It's been a whirlwind of a time but all in a good way. I can't believe it's already been over a year that we have been together. I seriously feel like i've known him for YEARS. We moved at the end of April and have been non-stop since we moved in with work and trips and creating. It's been such a hectic journey but we are finally starting to finalize our new space and i'm so excited to share just a small piece of it with you.

If there's one word that I can say about making your home cozy it's this...BEDDING. Yep! the most important thing in my opinion. When you climb into bed you want to stretch out and just say "Ahhhhh!" with delight and a smile. First thing to make your bed cozy is sheets. I typically lean towards linen sheets as they are so light and breathable and only get softer over time. secondly is pillows. I LOVE pillows. I love falling onto my bed and burying my head in a mountain of pillows. I tyically with have a set of euro pillows, sleeping pillows and then decorative pillows with shams in front. A throw pillow or two to finish it off and you've got yourself a castle on a cloud.

Lastly, and probably the most important, is my duvet. Now, you can usually find a duvet insert or down comfortor pretty much anywhere these days but I tend to look for a more quality insert becuase it can make all the difference in your overall sleeping comfort. I recently discovered Antar Home bedding from Amazon. They have an assorment of inserts that can fit anyones needs, no matter if you are a hot or cold sleeper. I tried out their queen insert which is 50% top quality duck down and I have to say I'm VERY pleased. They are 100% true to their labeling and have passed test from IDFL. This is a great notification as a lot of manufactureres lie about their product details and fillings. It's super light weight yet heavy at the same time. It's difficult to discribe. I like having weight on me from my sheets and covers when I sleep. It just makes me feel like i'm in a cocoon. At the same time I don't like to be hot because i'm SUPER hot natured so staying cool is key for me. With their insert I get the best of both worlds. Cozy cocoon + cool, breathable comfort.

I top a coverlet over my flat sheet followed by my duvet with insert. Fold it down any way you like and when you're ready to relax...just jump right in. Cameron and I have found it most enjoyable on Saturday mornings catching up reading and drinking coffee together. I also like naps so this duvet is PERFECT to curl up and doze off for a quick 20, 30 or 3 hour nap. Haha!

I can't wait to show you guys the rest of our apartment space once we finally get it finished. I'll be sure and post about it and let you know once complete. Also, be sure to checkout Antar Home duvet inserts and bedding on Amazon. Link is below.

Antar Home Duvet Insert - Amazon.com


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