"All Aboard" at the Union Station Hotel

Happy Monday my friend. How are you this glorious day?

I wanted to jump on my blog and share with you guys one of the coolest treasures here in Nashville and that is the Union Station Hotel. Built in 1900, this railroad terminal was designed to service 8 different railroads that passed through Nashville and was converted to a hotel in 1986. Now this hotel is has become a member of Historic Hotels of America.

Cameron and I had the pleasure of staying at this hotel and learning about its history. Upon our arrival we were greeted by the front desk staff with open arms and given our room key. Walking through the lobby, to ascend the stairs of this beautiful hotel, you could just feel the history in its walls. We stayed in the room that was acutally the railroad conductors office back in the day. They would congregate there and work on their train schedules and various duties at the time. It was really neat.

We put our things down and quickly made our way back down to the lobby where a group of guests congregated around the grand fireplace awaiting to be given a tour and history lesson of the hotel. As we were walking in all the various rooms around the hotel, each story transported you back in time. I felt like I was taken back into the 1940's waiting to go off to war and enjoying a nice bourbon in the cigar room with all of it's stained glass. I tried capturing some pictures of the room but it was so dark in there. All the original wood carvings and board & batten were donned on its walls. Very beautiful.

To end the tour we were given a lesson on Tennessee Whiskey and the various kinds that were cultivated here. We gave a cheers and downed a shot of fireball before parting ways with the other guests. Cameron and I ventured up to our room to change then it was back downstairs to the lobby for a nice cocktail before venturing around downtown Nashville to see the sights.

After a quick stroll around downtown, we headed back to our room for a little bit of R&R before dinner. The massive king size bed was so cozy and with the blackout curtains drawn, we put on a movie and fell asleep for a few hours. Haha! We love our naps. Upon waking from our slumber we got dressed and headed down to Carters restaurant that is located in the lobby of the hotel. We were waited on by one of the sweetest waitresses I've EVER met, Amanda. She pampered us and made sure that we enjoyed every minute of our dinning experience. We feasted on a cheese board that was AMAZING followed by our entree's of shrimp & grits and a fillet caesar salad. To top off our meal we enjoyed a brownie Sunday with toffee glazed popcorn and a cup of coffee.

Feeling very satisfied and full as ticks, Cameron and I headed back up to our room where we cozied up in our robes and watched "The Meg" before turning out the lights. It's actually a pretty good movie. haha!

We awoke to a beautiful morning and enjoyed a cup of coffee in bed before getting ready to leave. Upon leaving, we checked out at the lobby front desk and was welcomed with warm smile from the amazing staff who inquired about our stay and if it was enjoyable. I was quick to say "Very much so". It was such an enjoyable experience and even though we were there for the night it felt like we were there for a few days.

If you are in the Nashville area or looking for a place to stay from out of town; I recommend staying at Union Station Hotel. You'll be greeted with warm smiles, great service, amazing food, undeniable beauty and history.



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