Gettin Cozy!

How the heck are ya lovely people!!

I hope everyone had a fun and festive New Year's. I had a wonderful time with Cameron and a bunch of our friends who came in from out of town to ring in 2019 with us. It was a blast and always a good time.

In this new year I want to accomplish so many goals and raise the bar for myself and my creativity. I will preface with one of my favorite quotes and one I live by each and every day "If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed." - William H. McRaven. And as i'm writing this I just noticed that I misspelled "Off" in the pic above. haha! Wow!

I can't stop creating and thinking or sit still. Anyone else have this problem? So glad I have a partner in crime who is the same way as me or else I know I would drive him INSANE.

Anyways...back on track...before I start my day I make my bed. Even if i'm still asleep as I do it which is the majority of the time. It's the first thing that makes me feel I'm starting my day off on the right foot. I get this from my Meme who, when we were young, always made my brother and I make our beds when we woke up. It's something that has always stayed with me and I'm glad it has.

We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed so why not make sure it's cozy, comfortable and nice. I believe in shopping for quality fabrics when it comes to bedding because a good nights rest is the key to starting a successful day and I don't want to skimp in that area because lets be real...I love my sleep and naps and all the restful things so I get good quality bedding to make that the most magical part of my day that more special.

keep scrolling and reading...I'm going to show you how to create a cozy, manageable bed that you will be happy to crawl into at the end of a long day and want to make each morning.

So I like my mattresses soft most of the time so underneath this fitted sheet is a 4" memory foam mattress topper. I want it to feel like I'm crawling onto a cloud when I lay my head down to slumber. Along with the mattress topper I am caressing it with white linen sheets from Pottery Barn. To me they have the best linens. I usually stick with linen fabrics because it breaths easily as I'm hot natured so it's perfect for me.

I lay a flat sheet with the thicker lip at the top just at the edge of the mattress and tuck and fold the ends in a nice hotel fashion. I'll show you the technique below to achieve that crisp clean look to your bed. It's super simple.

Next I layer with a lightweight coverlet or quilt. Something that is heavy enough to keep you warm when your duvet is too hot. I went with a grey coverlet from Pottery Barn as well to add some color and weight to my bedding.

To fold your coverlet simply fold down to where the top of the coverlet is about 3/4 exposing your flat sheet.

Fold back your coverlet to where the end closest to the duvet touches the top of the fold like i've done above. This creates a nice layer for your flat sheet to fit onto.

Now you fold down the flat sheet with the thicker lip coming almost to the edge of your folded coverlet section. You may have a little bit of loose flat sheet at the top and that's ok...simply tuck that extra fabric underneath the coverlet fold you've created like I've done here and move along.

Now onto the hotel tuck I was talking about. You're going to have extra fabric hanging down so the hotel tuck will give you that nice clean look and will hide your extra material beautifully.

Grab you fabric in the middle and pull to the right or left. Depending on which side of the bed you're on. Then while you're pulling your fabric you're going to tuck the bottom underneath your top mattress (see below).

Now bring your fabric you were holding tightly and tuck that portion underneath the top mattress as well.

There ya have it. A beautiful fold that hides your excess fabric and looks perfect.

Top your bed with your duvet and either fold at the end of your bed like I've done here or you can fold with your coverlet to create a 3 layer masterpiece that looks just as exquisite. I will usually mix up how I make my bed to give it a different vibe and feel once in a while.

Now for pillows. I usually have 3 sets of pillows a set for my euro shams, a set for my standard shams and a set for my linen cases. I'll add throw pillows as well to create some depth on my bed. Also, there's nothing like flying into a bed full of pillows and falling asleep. I've arranged my pillows a few different ways to show how you can create a different look for your room.

There ya have it guys! a nice cozy bed for you to start your 2019 with. I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I'm going to bring more decorative tips and DIY's to my blog so stay tuned. Also here are some links to the items I have shown from Pottery Barn in case you like what you see and want to incorporate some of these pieces in your space. Enjoy!

All Bedding from Pottery Barn:

Sheets: Belgian Flax Linen Set

Coverlet: Velvet Channel Quilt - Grey

Duvet & Standard Shams: Bryce Buffalo Check Duvet Cover - Charcoal

Euro Shams: Otis Stripe Euro Shams

Love you guys!



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