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So this past weekend I had the wonderful privilege of staying at what I would call one of Nashville's newest treasures. Buffalo Soul, a bed and breakfast on Music Row created by JT and Kasey Hodges with partner Todd Baldree. I found out about this place through one of my fellow Nashville bloggers @hunterpremo. I was immediately captivated by the space and knew I wanted to blog about it. It's modern rustic charm is somewhat spectacular. Each room carefully decorated with the concentration to details that can't be denied.

This craftsman style B&B houses 4 bedrooms each with it's own bathroom and closet for each guest to feel right at home. I personally fell in love with the color palette used in this sanctuary. It was actually refreshing to see. I know now people are all about this farmhouse look like Joanna Gains, which I love don't get me wrong, but when you see it EVERYWHERE it's nice to see a change and color incorporated back into living spaces. Some rooms featured wallpaper on the ceilings which I thought was genius. I'm definitely taking notes for the future.

The kitchen was stocked full of generous snacks and beverages sure to quench their guests needs. Especially the cookie jars. Yes I said jars. Plural. I've never seen such huge canisters full of Oreos and nutter butters in my life and I was here for it. haha! I think I ate my body weight in Oreos which isn't hard to do once I get to chomping. Also they had a bar stocked with freshly brewed beer from some of Nashville's best beer makers. Can't go wrong there.

I love this place so much and would recommend to anyone who is coming from out of town with a large group or if you're a couple looking for a little romantic getaway for the weekend. Trust me this is your ticket.

Oh! I forgot to mention that the basement of this place is a songwriters dream. Equipped with piano, recording studio and writing space, this place is where some great hits are going to be made I can tell.

Be sure to check out Buffalo Soul and book your stay at Nashville's newest treasure.



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