California Dreamin'


What a crazy week it has been...I'm finally able to sit down for a minute and drink a cup of coffee while Cameron is asleep in bed. He looks so cute when he sleeps and he's all mine.

Anyways...I wanted to drop by and share with you guys a little bit about our trip to Cali last week. It was such a blast and couldn't have asked for a better trip. I have been to California a couple of years ago and Cameron had yet to go. We had some friends who lived on Catalina Island and had been talking with them recently and they invited us out. 3 months later...well you can see the pics to know the rest. haha!

Upon arrival to LAX we were greeted with a brand new 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander. Cameron was doing a collaboration with Mitsubishi and informed them we would be out in Cali that weekend so they set us up and thank God they did because we drove ALL OVER the place and to Uber that trip would have been costly to say the least.

After picking us up we headed to Catalina Express because the first 2 days of our trip were going to be spent on Catalina Island with our friends. We parked the car, got our tickets and Cameron and I sat down and had a nice lunch together before boarding the boat to the island. We had both been up since 3:30am and had only had coffee and peanuts from the place so needless to say we. were both starving. haha!

We boarded the boat to Catalina Island and found ourselves lulled to sleep by the deep sounds of the boat and the crashing of the waves. Upon waking we exited the boat and stepped out onto what felt like another country. The vastness and beauty of Catalina Island could not be described. The towering homes cascading down the sides of the mountains to the array of boats and yachts that lined it's harbor. I looked at Cameron and asked if we had gotten on the wrong boat. haha! Literally I felt like I was in Greece or somewhere just as majestic.

The whole Island of Catalina is walkable and let me just say...we walked...and walked...and walked. haha! it was so much fun though. Our friends JT and Gerardo showed us the island and it's history telling us stories of the locals they came to know and it's inhabitants from years before. I'm a history buff so that stuff just fascinates me.

We trekked the island for a few days enjoying it's delicious foods, cocktails and taking in an arial adventure which was sooo much fun. There were 3 levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and we all 4 made it through each level. Woot Woot!

After a few days on the island and waking up at the crack of dawn, not stopping till 10-11 each night we were all exhausted. We took an early slumber Thursday evening waking to say goodbye to the Island we recently came to love. It was on to our next adventure...L.A.

We got an airbnb in West Hollywood which was perfect because it was kind of central to all the locations we were traveling to. We visited Beverly Hill and of course Rodeo Drive...duh!. Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Bel-Air, the Hollywood sign, Griffith name it and we pretty much saw it. I really wanted to take Cameron to Malibu because it is so beautiful and I remember loving it so much but we didn't really have enough time. Next trip.

We finally headed home to Nashville late Sunday afternoon after dropping the car off. Both Cameron and I reminisced about the trip and our favorite parts. It was hard to pick just one thing but there was one moment in particular that stood out to me :). I fee like this trip brought Cameron and I closer together because it was our first long trip together and we found out we travel really well together which is a big thing in my opinion.

I can't wait till our next trip together...We are heading to the Smokey Mountains in November for a little weekend getaway so I'm sure you'll see more about that.

Hope you guys have a wonderful day and be sure and check back for more adventures.



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