Orenda Coffee

You guys know that I'm a HUGE coffee drinker and I had the privilege to collaborate with Orenda Coffee recently and let me tell you...this coffee maker is pretty sweet.

I'm was pretty set on using my Keurig for years until I met this machine. Not only does it grind your coffee for you filling your entire home with the aroma of fresh ground coffee but you can also set your phone to brew some delicious cups of coffee through the Orenda app with just the touch of a button.

It's state of the art technology is a game changer when it comes to brewing fresh coffee. You can even set it up with your Amazon Alexa to tell it to brew a fresh cup whenever you want. It's that simple. Cleanup is also a breeze. You simply remove the filter cup and empty in your disposal or even in your compost pile if you are creating a garden. Coffee grounds are a great source of nutrients for the soil you're planting in. My parents have a garden every year back home and coffee grounds are a main source in their compost pile.

If you're interested in changing up your morning coffee routine or simply want something that you can turn on from your bed while getting those extra snooze minutes in, be sure in checkout Orenda Coffee. You'll be glad you did.




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