You Make Me Melt!

Hey guys!

So It's hot as a mother rn and I thought It would be a good idea to grab ice cream BUT I was sadly mistaken. Haha! Literally walked outside and the ice cream immediately started to melt. Lesson: eat your ice cream inside the parlor when it's 9,000,000 degrees outside

So yea...about this guy...I met him in mid-April as he was returning from the Bahamas from a photo shoot he was doing. I didn't really know what I was getting myself into as I was not looking for a relationship at that point because the one's I've had or dated previously had not worked out. I went into meeting this man thinking that it wasn't going to turn into anything and honestly I was looking to just make a new friend.

A little back story...we had met each other once before, omg! this is so embarrassing on my part but it adds to our story, at a club here in Nashville. I apparently had been drinking a little too much and was pretty much passed out on a sofa in the corner of this club. As I'm passed out, this man walks up to me and asks "Are you the Foxx?" and apparently all I did was give a thumbs up with my head half fallen to my chest with blurred eyes. haha! Obviously NOT my best moment and he never will let me live it down. I guess I wouldn't either after that initial interaction. Talk about first impressions. Haha!

I pulled up to his place and he was standing outside leaning against his patio, quite handsomely I might add. I wasn't sure if it was to get a look at me before he invited me in to say NOPE! haha! but he didn't. We spent the night talking about our lives and where we came from. He had just moved from Florida to Nashville in January and I from Chattanooga to Nashville in 2015. Our paths were leading us to connect in some way and I'm glad they did. It's now going on 2 months that we've been together and they have been some of the happiest days of my life. I went from pretty much giving up on finding love in this city to meeting the man that makes want to get up each morning and be my best.

Cameron Hinkle, I thank you for coming into my life and being that ray of light that I needed to shine and live everyday with passion and zeal. I can't wait to see where this road goes and I'm excited to share it with you wherever it may lead.




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