Pankey Pride 2018

Happy Memorial Day!!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful/safe weekend.

Well...Pankey Pride was another successful event. I met some new friends and made some great memories. The weekend was loaded with endless amounts of boat rides, alcohol, great food (prepared by Pankey...Thanks so much buddy!) and lots of episodes of Schitt's Creek.

I love getting together with this group of friends annually. I don't get to see them very often so it's nice to reconnect and hang out with each other and just forget about the worries of our daily lives and just let loose and have fun like when we were kids.

Seriously...hanging out with these guys reminds me of that movie "Wet Hot American Summer". Anything and everything you could imagine has happened this weekend and it's been amazing.

It's now time to pack up and leave and as I sit here looking over my friends as they are watching Rupaul's Drag Race and I'm thankful...thankful that I have such a great group of people I can call my friends and turn to whenever I need them. Life has many things that people put value on and to me the greatest value is friendship and family. These guys are my friends & family and I love them.

Until next year!




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