Iconic Men of Style

Hey guys!

So I wanted to share with you some of my favorite men of style and inspiration. From the casual looks to the dressed up duds, these men spark inspiration in me every day and what I hope to become. James Dean has always been the known rebel in Hollywood and his style reflects that. I feel that my personal style is more in line with his rebellious attitude which is why I relate to him most. Cary Grant was always a man of sophistication and class which I need more of. haha!

Combine the style of James Dean and Cary Grant and you get David Gandy which I hope to be like one day. He can take that rebellious style and quickly change to the man of the hour in an instant and it's very inspiring to me. His use of accessories and layers is great. Also in this same category is Eric Rutherford AKA Mr. Rutherford. A very handsome man who can put on a simple button up with rolled up sleeves and he looks like a million bucks but also look just as fuckin classy in an expensive suit. I love it. Lastly is Mr. George Clooney. Need I say more? I mean the man oozes class and style. I feel like the man pretty much speaks for himself.

My goal, as I get older, is to adopt a classy lifestyle and become more of a gentleman in every aspect of my life. I don't mean classy as in acquiring materialistic things, although that would be nice, but in the way I carry myself and treat others. These men definitely radiate class and you can see it and I want that. I definitely want to up my style game more and incorporate suits and layers into my wardrobe so...Gotta get to work on that. :)



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