Where Time Flies

Gosh! I can't believe it's already 2018...gotta get on these new projects. I want to look back on this year and be super proud of what I did. I hope you guys do the same.

If there's one thing I enjoy it's getting out and exploring my neighborhood of Nashville. I feel there are so many places here that I've yet to explore and every day I am amazed by something new and exciting.

I happened to have shot at one of my favorite spots here in the city. It's right on the river and you can see a great view of downtown and all the action that happens here. It also provides a great backdrop for photos which is really nice.

It may have been 15° out when I shot these photos. Haha! I know I know I'm wearing a t-shirt but at the time when I was getting ready it was so hot in the house that I wanted to cool off. Well...cool off I did. After about 5 min I couldn't feel my hands but I just thought to myself..."GET THE SHOT" haha! I guess anyone who does photography can relate.

Sometimes I do things and think that people passing by me probably assume i'm crazy but i've learned not to care. If anything...taking pictures in public has taught me NOT to care what people think or say about me. There are always going to be people that judge you or knock you for what you're doing but you just gotta keep doing you and what you love because you know where you're going and that's all that matters.

My outfit consists of one of my favorite bombers from @Rye51 which is amazing. Super comfortable and fits great to my frame which is hard to find a lot of times...broad shoulders. Also, like I said, i'm wearing a t-shirt which my buddy Ben made for me (It's actually for sale if you want one along with some other shirts we came up with. Just click link) I love it because obviously it's my blog/Instagram handle and it's a great fitted tee. Denim is from @AEO (American Eagle). Belt from @Abercrombie. Shades by @urbanoutfitters and lastly and most importantly is my new wrist watch from @brathwaitwatches. This Marron top grain Italian leather band with white and rose gold face is easily one of my favorite pieces in my watch collection. It's a sharp statement piece that will make any outfit from casual to dressy pop with class.

Be sure to checkout the links to the brands listed above and hope you guys have an awesome New Year.



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