Little Slice of Heaven

Happy Tuesday guys!

Hope your Monday went Ok! Mine was a doozy to say the least hence me not posting my blog post yesterday but better late than never right? haha!

I did want to share with you a little slice of heaven here in the Nashville area and it's the magical little town of Leiper's Fork just outside of Franklin, TN. I grew up watching the Andy Griffith Show on Nick at Nite when I was younger with my brother and cousins at my aunt and uncles and that little town of Mayberry holds a special place in my memory and heart. When I found the town of Leiper's Fork I was immediately transported back to Mayberry. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming it's easily one of my favorite places here in Nashville.

Some of my favorite places to go to in Leiper's Fork are the David Arms art gallery. The minute you walk in you are transported to a world of regal sophistication. From the beautiful artwork from David Arms to the array of home goods and mens apparel and accessories, you're sure to feel a very masculine atmosphere that is uncanny. Also the original Puckett's Grocery is here in Leiper's Fork that literally takes me back to when I was younger in my hometown of Albertville, AL. There was a store called Frank's that was a grocery store in the front and in the back they had a little diner that had the BEST cheese sticks and milkshakes. Granted I choked on a cheese stick once but that place still holds a special place in my memory and Puckett's reminds me of that. Lastly is the Leiper's Fork Inn that is owned by some dear friends Eric & Samantha Coghlan. They own Pot 'N' Kettle Cottages here in Leiper's Fork which are the most charming cottages I've ever seen. If you are looking for a weekend getaway for the holiday's or just to get should definitely check these guys out.

I could honestly go on and on about this hidden little gem in Nashville but you will just have to head out and see it for yourself. A day of exploring can be tiring on your feet and I was glad I had on these amazingly comfortable and sleek boots from @catfootwear. I am super into deep, rich greens this season and I could not pass up on these olive green boots. Be sure to checkout Leiper's Fork and the links below for Pot 'N' Kettle Cottages to arrange your next stay in Leiper's Fork as well as how to score these sick boots.


Pot 'N' Kettle Cottages

Cat Footwear- Orson II Boot



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