A Touch of Green

How's it going guys?!

Boy I tell ya...this past month has been a crazy busy one for me. Anyone who moves needs to get a free week long spa vacation with every Uhaul rental. I literally got back from the mountains on Monday and started moving that evening. It's been a month since all that has happened and things have finally started to feel like normal again. That being said...i'm excited to share with you my bedroom makeover.

Many of you remember that I posted an Insta story not too long ago with some colors that I was wanting your opinion on. I was literally walking into Home Depot with my favorite color ready to go with my vision in my head of how my room was going to look. As I got to the counter something in me said NO. I think it was my need for change and wanting to branch out of my comfort zone and try something completely not in my color palette. Well i'm glad that I did because I could not be more happy with this color that i've chosen. I ended up going with "Alpine Trail" which is a Behr paint and went with the Marquee. It's a little more expensive but once you try it, you'll never use any other brand. I'm literally IN LOVE with my room.

I leave in the morning and can't wait to come home and crawl into my bed and slumber with my new bedding from Pottery Barn. It's a literal oasis for me and that's what I was wanting to create. There are a few things that i'm still wanting to do but that will come in time. I have a chef robe that was my great grandmothers that is over 100 yrs old which will tie in nicely with the space. I'm currently working on some landscape oil paintings that i'm going to put above each nightstand what will tie in the gold art piece above my bed. You can see one of them i'm working on in the pics above. For now i'm just excited to have a space that feels like home and is mine. It's crazy how much more you appreciate things when you put in the hard work yourself. I was taught that at an early age and glad it's been instilled in me. Thanks mom!

Paint: Behr (Alpine Trail)

Drapes: Pottery Barn

Coverlet & Shams: Pottery Barn

Duvet & Euro Shams: Pottery Barn

Faux Fur Throw: Pottery Barn


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