The Mountains Are Calling

There's nothing that lifts my spirits and makes me feel alive more than being in the mountains emerged in nature. This past weekend I went with some of my best friends to the Smoky Mountains and although I had a CRAZY week ahead of me...I went and had an AMAZING time that was much needed.

Even though a portion of the Smokies were burned last year, there is still so much beauty there that continues to take my breath away. It's so nice to escape once in a while and clear my head and just be one with nature. There's something about hiking and gazing upon the vast landscape that captures my soul in a way that is hard to explain. You know when you are driving or riding in a car and you go over a steep hill really fast and it takes your breath? that's the feeling I get and it's the greatest feeling in the world.

Being at higher elevations in the mountains brought cooler temps and luckily I packed my new favorite flannel from Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. It's hard for me to find shirts that fit up top and not billow at the bottom but these guys do it right. Paired with a navy vest, fitted denim, boots and my new favorite messenger bag, also from Buffalo Jackson Trading Co., and my favorite Daniel Wellington watch, I was ready to take on the mountains.

We did go hiking to this beautiful waterfall and came across a wild bear which i've only seen in movies or at a zoo. The fact that there was a wild bear had me both fascinated yet scared shitless at the same time LOL! I recently saw the movie "Back Country" and the whole premise of the movie was about a wild black bear following this couple in the woods for days and finally made it's attack 3 days in so obviously those thoughts were running through my head. Of course we made it out alive b/c i'm sitting here typing this right now but it was crazy.

All in all it was a great trip and was much needed and my friends are some of the best guys i've ever known. They've been there for me at one of the lowest/hardest points in my life and I couldn't have been more blessed to have them in my life.

I hope you guys are able to get away to the mountains at some point this Fall. I feel everybody needs that mountainous view to get perspective in their lives and realize just how small we really are. Outfit details are below as well. Be sure to checkout Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. They seriously have some amazing apparel and accessories to add amazing depth to any wardrobe.

Outfit Details:

Vest: Banana Republic

Flannel: Buffalo Jackson Trading Co.

Denim: American Eagle

Boots: Target

Messenger Bag: Buffalo Jackson Trading Co.

Specs: Warby Parker

Watch: Daniel Wellington (use code "STAYFOXX" at checkout to receive 15% off)


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