Sweet Sunset

I don't think there has ever been a more beautiful sunset than the one this evening at Arrington Vineyards. The pictures do not do it justice but it's exactly what I needed this evening. It was nice to just clear my head from life. Sometimes, we as humans need that time to distance ourselves from reality and escape our thoughts looking out into the world with awe and just...be. No appointments, no cell phone, no social media...nothing. Nothing but you and God and the beauty of a majestic sunset.

I wanted to capture just a piece of the magic I felt and share it with you guys. Do you ever just sit back and wonder what the heck you're doing with your life? I do it all the time and find myself lost in thought at random times of the day. Whether it's standing in line at Starbucks or driving in my jeep to work or just lying in bed starring at the ceiling. I find myself starring blankly into space pondering where I see my life going and who i'm supposed to be. A lot of times I feel like a parking garage...I know...random right? but I feel like it sometimes. A parking garage is cold, dark and nobody cares where you came from or how long you will stay and sometimes that's how I feel. Like no one cares...where I came from or where I may be headed.

It's not until I see sunsets like this that i'm reminded that there is something greater out there...greater than myself...that for some reason I'm supposed to be apart of it somehow and that gives me hope and strength to keep going. So don't loose yourself in the temporary...no one has ever seen...no one has ever heard what the big guy upstairs has prepared.

I didn't mean for this blog post to be so deep. I was going to post about cheese, wine and the vineyard but I guess it's something I needed to get off my chest. I'm not sure if anybody is reading this or not. Maybe I just needed to send it out into the void for myself. :)


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