Fall Preppin!

What's going on guys?!

It's hot as a mother outside and I couldn't be more excited for Fall to arrive. I'm starting to prep my Fall wardrobe now and am so happy to add this double breasted trench from ASOS and black converse to my collection.

What are some things you guys are looking forward to wearing this Fall?

I really want to incorporate scarves and hats into my wardrobe this season. I feel like building my wardrobe around these items and keeping it super chill and casual is the direction i'm gonna go...We'll see...I change my mind at the drop of a hat...haha...pun intended.

Also...I'm looking forward to eating ALL the baked goods and coffee. My absolute FAVORITE thing to eat in the Fall is carrot cake. The BEST carrot cake I've EVER had was from J. Alexanders believe it or not. I know it's a steakhouse or whatever but they have THE BEST carrot cake. If you like carrot cake...be sure to try a piece this Fall. Ok! i'm rambling on about carrot cake too much and now want a piece. UGH!

Anywhozers! I just wanted to drop in and share with you my newest favorite items that I'm adding to my Fall wardrobe and hope you guys are surviving this heat. It's BRUTAL out there so stay safe and drink plenty of water. Don't want you guys getting dehydrated. :)

Be sure to checkout the links below for further outfit deets and how to purchase!

Outfit Details:

Tee & Shades: H&M

Jeans: American Eagle

Trench Coat: ASOS

Kicks: Converse

Specs: Warby Parker

Bracelet: Bryer Leather



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