Summer Movie Guide

Get your popcorn and milk duds ready's time to share with you my Summer Movie Guide. These are movies that when the weather gets super hot and and you've had a long day at the pool with your friends and just stuffed yourself with something hot off the grill you want to pile up in the living room and watch a feel good Summer movie.

These are my top 10 "Go To" movies that I pop in the dvd player during the long, hot Summer months:

1) "I Know What you did last Summer"- Because who doesn't love hitting hitchhikers and dumping their bodies into the ocean only to return and hook the homecoming queen.

2) "Steel Magnolias"- Because if you can't say anything nice about anybody...come sit by me.

3) "For Richer or Poorer"- I remember going over to my Meme's house with my brother when we were younger and rented this on tv and I stayed up and watched it ALL was soo funny. Also has great memories tied too it. :)

4) "Dirty Dancing"- Ok...I'm not talking about the HORRIFIC remake that was...i'm just not even going to count that. Anyways...Patrick Swayze & Jennifer Grey make me want to go to a Summer Lodge and learn how to Mambo. This is EASILY a Summer MUST.

5) "Heavyweights"- So this movie came out when I was in middle school in Albertville, AL. I remember it came on during the Summer on Disney Channel and me and my brother were playing on our tire swing out by the barn with the neighborhood kids. We had so much fun that day and grilled out bbq chicken for dinner and watched it afterwards. It's crazy how movies can hold special memories but they do and I love it.

6) "Now & Then"- Friends, bikes, adventure, Dear Johnny...who doesn't love this movie. The girl version of Stand by Me. Such a good movie.

7) "Camp Nowhere"- UGH!!! I love this movie so much. I always dreamed what it would be like to go to a camp without counselors with all my friends...then this movie came out. OMG!! they should do a remake with all the original actors grown up going back to camp. #writingscript

8) "Parenthood"- No...not the show...although it is AMAZING and everyone should watch it on Netflix. This movie has sooo many of my favorite actors in it. I grew up watching this as a kid so it holds a special place in my heart.

9) "Jaws"- can't go all Summer long without watching the shark fin coming up out of the water plotting its attack towards an innocent swimmer. This movie SCREAMS Summer to me.

10) "Wet Hot American Summer"- I guess this movie would be the adult version of Camp Nowhere haha! soo many funny moments in this movie. I just can't name them all. You HAVE to watch. The humor is kinda dry but I love dry humor. I mean Best in Show...come on guys...haha!

There ya have it my top 10 Summer "Go To" movies. I know all of these are pretty old but they are some of the classics and to be honest...they don't make movies like they used to. Yeah the graphics are much better but you can't beat the great story lines of these classics.

What are some of your favorite Summer movies?



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