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What's going on guys?!

I am so happy to have partnered with Rhone Apparel and share with you, what I believe, to be some of the BEST mens activewear I've ever owned.

What makes Rhone different than all the other brands out there? well...I can tell you from my personal experience that I noticed the difference the minute I threw on a pair of their shorts. Lined with a GoldFusion compression short, these babies let you workout and move in comfort without sacrificing style. You can tell they did not skimp on quality the minute you put your hands on their gear.

Along with the compression shorts are some of the most comfortable, breathable tops I've found. I am VERY hot natured and when I workout...it's hard for me to wear anything with sleeves. I keep my apartment on 63 degrees if that tells you anything.

I was kind of skeptical about the shirt with sleeves thinking to myself "I will be cutting this later" again...because I NEED TO BREATHE. After my first workout...I was sold. I felt like I kicked ass in the gym and didn't have to keep tugging at my shirt to create an air flow. So if you're hot natured like me grab a couple of these shirts. Your body will thank you!

If you're looking for some great activewear to add to your collection or a great gift for your guy...be sure to put Rhone at the top of your list.


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