Feelin Preppy!

Hi Friends!

So...I really love the preppy style of my fellow bloggers/style icons @KJP and @charlesmcbryde to name a few.

That "All American" feel and vibe they give off in their photos inviting you into their world is so stunning and I love it. Along with their impeccable photos are the unmistakable clothes that they wear. Donned in their layers of preppy swag...they truly are icons of the classic American spirit.

I don't necessarily have a distinct style that I gravitate toward because I love ALL types of fashion. From @magic_fox, @thedappermethod, @brightbazaar, @isnathan and @thisfellow. All of these guys have GREAT style and I appreciate each of them in their own right.

So if you follow my blog and social media feed you will notice that I dress in many different styles. Street, Preppy, Casual, whatever it may be...all these styles make up StayFoxx. Today I was TOTALLY feeling the preppy vibes so I ventured to Harlindale Farms here in beautiful Franklin, TN to capture what I was feeling. It's so beautiful out here and the landscape only enhanced the vibe I was going for.

There are so many more people out there that I look up to for style and motivation. I love growing in my knowledge and personal sense of style and glad that you guys are along with me for this journey. I can't wait to share more with you and thanks for your continued support.


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