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So we have officially made it to Spring which means longer days and I couldn't be happier. What better way to get the season started than brightening my smile. I'm happy to collaborate with Smile Brilliant to get my whitest teeth ever and I didn't even have to step into the dentist office.

A little back story...I had braces all 4 years of high school and finally got them off my senior year. I told my mom that I wanted to get my teeth whitened to show off what I kept hidden for so long. I got fitted for my trays and got the whitening kit and started the process. The results were ok but definitely not worth the $$ that was spent to get it done and I had horrible sensitivity to the gel. Over the years and after many many...many many lattes lol...I noticed the white was quickly gone. I had tried the whitening strips on the market today but they left me with a mediocre smile at best and HORRIBLE sensitivity on my teeth and gums.

I recently discovered Smile Brilliant and am so happy to collaborate with them because I can honestly say that I have the best and brightest smile i've had in YEARS. Best part...I have no SENSITIVITY. Let me tell you a little about the process and how easy it is. You can also watch a short video here to see the process and the great results Smile Brilliant provides.

You get your kit in the no making an appointment to the dentist office and paying copays and expensive office fees that are associated with that. You have a base & catalyst that you mix together and simply spread it into the molds for your top and bottom teeth. You make your impressions per instructions and mail them back to the company in a prepaid envelope along with a card that is included with your kit. You will then get your trays in the mail within a couple weeks and you're ready to start using the whitening & desensitizing gel.

Your trays come in a compact case which is great for travel and after use, you can easily put them away. So first you have your whitening gel which you simply put a thin strip of gel around the base of the tray and put in your mouth. Leave them on for 45 min-3 hours depending on your sensitivity tolerance. Remove the trays and wash out and then brush your teeth with toothpaste. So for those of you that are tired of using whitening products that leave your teeth SUPER sensitive...theres hope. Smile Brilliant provides a desensitizing gel that you put into the trays after you've whitened and brushed your teeth. Put a thin strip inside the trays again and leave in for 15-20 min. This gel has been a lifesaver because it takes the nerve pain away that is associated with most whitening products on the market.

Here are my before and after photos. I've only been whitening for a few weeks a couple times a week and already I can tell a difference. My overall experience with Smile Brilliant has been great. Never again will I spend hundreds of my hard earned dollars going to the dentist when I have a great company that can give me the same if not better results. I'm so excited for Spring not only for the longer days but also for my brighter smile.

Want to win a free whitening kit for yourself?? Of course you do...

follow the giveaway link here to enter. Just fill in your name and email address and you are one step closer to a brighter smile. Good luck!

Also...To get the exact whitening kit that I used, follow the additional link below.

My whitening kit



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