Sunz Out! Gunz Out!

What's going on my stayfoxx friends?

So the sun is finally out again and it's AMAZINGLY warm today. me anyways. That being was time to break out the cap, sneaks & cut off tee :). I'm sure some people are looking at me like i'm crazy because ya see...i'm naturally hot natured so where as most people are walking around with sweaters and coats on right now...I have on this haha! I can't help's how I was made. I swear I'm part wolf or something #woof

Keeping things SUPER casual today because sometimes it's good to just throw on a ball cap some cut off shorts and tee and say screw it. Today I'm sporting:

Cap: Patagonia

Shades: H&M

Tee: H&M

Shorts: Abercrombie (jeans turned into shorts)

Sneaks: Converse

Accessories: Maritime Supply Co.

Click on the links above to purchase these items.

Also...I've teamed up with Maritime Supply Co. They are a company based out of Greenville, SC and specialize in making rustic pieces that have a coastal theme. All of their products are handmade which makes each piece that much more special. They have all sorts of bracelets, necklaces, tee's & other products that you're sure to love. I'm currently obsessed with this Sterling Silver red leather anchor bracelet that i'm sure I will wear out this Summer. If you haven't checked them out...make sure to do so and use the code: stayfoxx upon checkout to receive a discount :).

I'm gonna go enjoy the rest of this day and hope you guys do as well.



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