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I wanted to share with you this great mens skincare company that I've absolutely fell in love with. As a man of 31 (squinting my eyes as I say that b/c I can't believe i'm 31) I find that it's more important than ever to take care of my skin especially my face. My entire life, i've worn glasses and feel very self-conscious about the bags and dark circles under my eyes. As guys...when we get older, the skin under our eyes begin to sag and loose it's elasticity. Being self-conscious about my eyes add age into the mix and...I can't even.

That is until I found Anthony skincare. Anthony skincare provides the best a mans face can get when it comes to fighting against age. I personally use the following anti-aging products:

* Conditioning Beard Wash

* Continuous Moisture Eye Cream

* Anti-Wrinkle Glycolic Peptide Serum: Anti-Aging (prevent & repair)

* Vitamin A Facial Treatment: Anti-Aging (Repair)

* Vitamin C Facial Serum: Anti-Aging (Prevent)

I will apply these to my cleaned face in the morning before work and at night after I shower. I'm learning that putting myself into a routine of taking care of my skin as well as drinking a LOT more water, I will be giving my skin the best treatment possible. If I could go back about 10 years, I would have started a facial treatment and taken better care of my skin...sigh!!!...ha!

All you young guys out there in your 20s...start taking care of your skin NOW!!!!

So do your face a favor and check out Anthony skincare line and their various products.

Your face will thank you!


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