Crewnecks & Denim

Sup my friends!!

I hope you guys had a great weekend?! I had a CRAZY week so this weekend offered up A LOT of down town which was much needed. Pretty much ALL of Saturday and most of Sunday was spent in bed Netflixing and Chilling. I binged the new series "The Santa Clarita Diet" starring Drew Barrymore & Timothy Olyphant. OMG!! I've never laughed so hard in my life. The fact that I love both of these actors is one thing but the random humor and storyline "Drew" me in...haha!! (pun intended).

After spending all day Saturday and most of today in bed...I wanted to get out and breathe some fresh air. The sun FINALLY decided to come back out and show it's face. It's literally been like 3 weeks guys since i've seen the sun. I felt I was turning into a Cullen. Wanting to take advantage of the day I had left, I threw on some denim skinny jeans/button up, camel fisherman's crewneck, L.L. Bean boots some shades and wristwatch and headed to Franklin.

I spent the remainder of the day walking the streets of Franklin, coffee in hand, basking in the sunlight and just enjoying life. I tend to do this from time to time when I just need to clear my head or brainstorm some ideas. It was the end to a perfect weekend. Now to put the cherry on top...I'm going home with Nora to watch the mid-season premier of "The Walking Dead".



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