Bump up your casual game!

Hey guys!

So I hope you all had a great weekend. I've been battling this crud that's going around. This up and down weather pattern has seriously got my sinuses in a funk.

Today I feel great and met up with a good friend of mine, Ben (@benlalisan) here in Nashville. It's nice when I can get together with my friends since we all are so busy with our own lives, it's always a great time when we can come together and catch up.

Today was a brisk 42 degrees...which...to me isn't that cold. I'm pretty good when i'm standing in the sun. It's just when I get in the shade that I need a coat. That being said...today I wanted to keep things casual but still look put together. Adding a topcoat to a casual outfit will immediately bump up your style game. I paired a Club Monaco topcoat with my "go to" black denim, Converse, a simple Nike tee, wristwatch from Brathwait and my trusty specs from Warby Parker. Links to these items below.

After exploring the city for a bit...we went back to Ben's where my other good friend, Ryan (@rwest80), had prepared dinner for us. We spent the rest of the evening watching "The Jungle Book", eating apple fritters, getting lost in a virtual reality horror film and laughing till our sides hurt. I always cherish the time I get to spend with my friends especially as I get older.

All in all...it was a great weekend. I can't wait till the weather gets warmer and these allergies of mine can take a chill pill. Now if you don't mind...i'm going to go take a hot bubble bath so I can clear my head and then grab a cup of coffee and pass out in the bed and catch up on my Netflix. :)


Black Denim: H&M

Shoes: Converse

Tee: Nike

Top Coat: Club Monaco

Watch: Brathwait

Specs: Warby Parker


Photos: @benlalisan


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