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Hey guys!!

So...I know it's been since Christmas that i've posted anything on my blog. I'm still alive I promise. I've had soon much going on since the holidays and finally feel like I can get back into a regular routine of posting some content for you guys.

Since it's a new year and everyone is making their resolutions which...lets be honest...most of us end up quitting or not even bothering with. Well for me...this is NOT going to be that year. I have set some goals for myself that I KNOW I can accomplish with some dedication and hard work.

One of my resolutions is to be more active and be in great shape by Summer.

I don't know about you but I like to be outdoors a lot and between working out and hiking and any outdoor activity, it can be damaging to a mans skin. I've teamed up with Oars + Alps to help me stay active while staying fresh and my man skin nourished. Their active armor deodorant keeps me smelling great while combating some serious sweat when I workout. To help cleanse my face is their power cleansing face stick. I will usually apply the stick to my wet face and massage it in with my fingers exfoliating my pores and rejuvenating my skin. Last...I will apply their face moisturizer + eye cream. The moisturizer not only keeps my face hydrated but also refreshes my skin. I use this twice a day...in the morning getting ready for work and at night before bed.

Oars + Alps products are all natural and free of paragons, sulfates & phthalates which is great for the environment and my body. If your a guy that is pretty active and looking to stay fresh and refreshed...be sure to check these guys out (link below).



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