His destination is Greatness.

First of all I want to say a BIG thank you to Brittni Adams, Founder/CEO of Whitby Handbags, for reaching out to me and sending me this sharp looking mens journal. This is probably one of my favorite journals because of the message behind it.

As you are most likely aware, human trafficking is a HUGE problem throughout the world. It wasn't until I started reading and researching just HOW big of a problem it was. Human trafficking generates around $150 annually. You may be asking "What does sex trafficking have to do with this journal"...well...with every purchase your are helping a boy in Thailand be rescued from sex trafficking. Whitby Handbags has partnered with Urban Light in giving 15% of proceeds from these journals, and other items found on their website, to help this AMAZING organization founded by Alezandra Russell.

Urban Light is dedicated to empowering, restoring and providing emergency services and support to boys in Chiang Mai who are victims of trafficking exploitation. Many of whom, to provide money for their families, are forced to move from their hill-top villages into the night life of the red light district and into the dark world of sex trafficking. This amazing organization has gone on to help 3,000 boys, over 10,000 hot meals and over 15,000 hours of service. On the inside of the journal you will notice the car, bicycle & surf board drawings. These drawings are by some of the boys rescued from sex trafficking. I feel it makes the journal a little more personal.

If you are looking for a gift for your guy this holiday season and want to help a great cause...be sure to check out Whitby Handbags and purchase one of these great journals and also check out Urban Light to find out more about this great organization (links below).

Whitby Handbags: Preventing modern slavery one product at a time. #carryjustice




photos: Urban Light & StayFoxx


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