2nd Avenue South

Hey guys!

I can literally feel Fall in the air. I love that time of the year when kids are getting back in school and the evenings have that chill and crisp aroma...Like it knows it's about to give you something special but wants you to be patient and wait for the surprise. I can taste that hot, vanilla latte on my tongue strolling down the streets of Franklin now.

I don't know about you but I LOVE to wear all black sometimes. I feel like when I'm not sure what to wear or if I need a quick outfit that looks sharp, this is an easy "go to". I especially like to pair black with brown. I feel like it gives a nice contrast adding some depth to my outfit.

On this particular day I decided to wear a blazer and to throw some contrast, I’ve paired a brown belt and shoes with some black/brown bracelets and shades.

Happy Fall!



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