Chicago I.

How's it going guys?

It's been a while since i've posted on my blog, I know...Lot's has gone on in my life since August which I will share with you at a later time. That being said...I wanted to share with you my trip I recently took to Chicago. I left Nashville on a fairly cloudy day, which you can see. After an hour and a half of flying, I finally arrived to the great city of Chicago and it's sunny skies.

I stayed in the city at my brother Kevin's apartment which is perfectly located to the CTA making it easy to travel around the city. Oh yeah! he has a cat named Nimbus. I'm not really a cat person myself but this is one cool cat.

Once my parents arrived, we took to the streets and began our exploration of Chi-Town. We went to the old Chicago Public Library and then to Millennium Park which was pretty amazing. There was a symphony practicing for an upcoming show later in the month and we got front row seats to their rehearsals.

Something you may not know about me is that I LOVE movie scores and soundtracks. If I could go turn back time (said in the voice of Cher haha!) I would have gone to school for music and composition and eventually became a music composer for the great films of Hollywood.

After walking for about 6 mom & I had to stop for some liquid sustenance :)

I love all the architecture of Chicago. My brother is VERY smart when it comes to Chicago architecture and was keen on letting us know about all the history of the city. I'm a history buff so it was cool to hear.

I really enjoyed the Navy Pier...It's so cool b/c you can be in the city and then you walk to the pier and it feels like you've stepped into Florida or somewhere tropical. There were sail boats and yachts all over the place and a vast amount of blue and turquoise water surrounding the bay. All I was missing was some sand and some sunscreen...oh! and a mojito and I would have been good to go.

Also, I found my dream home in the middle of the city...Just take a gander at the magnificence that is this home...You're welcome! :)

I also loved trying various lattes around the city. It's so cool to see how many different ways I can get my favorite coffee. This one was from a place called Stax Cafe. No very vegan friendly when it comes to food but this latte made up for it. If you're not a vegan and are in the HAVE to stop by here for pancakes. They literally have the biggest pancakes i've ever seen.

My mom REALLY wanted a selfie so...this is for you mom...haha! This was before we ascended to the top of Sear's Tower. It's a great way to see the whole city from above.

We also went to the Museum of Science & Industry while in Chicago. If you are in the city and are looking for something to do...definitely check this place out. They have actual WWII planes and a real German U-Boat among other things.

The artist in me appreciated this so much. I love watching people create things...especially painting...this is Angela Komperda...I didn't know this was her at the time I took the photo. I posted it on my IG and she reached out to me and I was happy to get to know her.

After 5 days in the was time to head home back to Nashville. I had a wonderful time visiting my family. I think it's been about 15-16 years since we've been anywhere just the 4 of us and it was great. I hope we have many more trips like this in the future.

I had the privilege to meet Tyson on the way to the airport. The coolest bulldog you will ever meet.

Back to Nashville....

I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures of my recent trip. This was my first time in Chicago so obviously I did all the touristy stuff. I can't wait to go back and see more of what the locals like to do and immerse myself more into the culture.



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