Find Your Color Confidence

What is your "Go To" color? the color that, when you put it on, makes you feel your most confident? If you aren't sure what that color is; open your closet...what color do you see most of? whatever it is...THAT is your "Go To" color.

Mine happens to be blue. I love ALL shades of blue, it doesn't matter. Baby, Cobalt, Indigo, Aegean, Cerulean, Navy...they are all part of my color palette. When I put on this color I feel like my best self and that I can conquer the world. Color confidence is soooo important when it comes to your own personal style. Not only does it make you feel great and powerful but I find it, in my case, helps me create my best outfits.

So go to your closet right now and see what your "Go To" color is and get to creating some great looks.


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