Taming Your Mane

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So this is my first "Lifestyle" post and it's a biggie...It has to do with TAMING YOUR MANE!!!

When it comes to your hair do you find that you are more carefree with your style or are you more OCD in how you present your locks to the world? For me...Iv'e always been a little OCD...meaning every hair has to be in place haha! Ever since I was a little boy...my Meme (shout out) has always cut my hair and taught me to present my best self to the world. I have never forgotten that and will always continue to do so.

Since moving to Nashville I really haven't explored many stylists. I've currently been going to Pure: Organic Salon to see the great Amanda Foster but am on a mission to discover new places so I can write about them to you guys :).

Today I ventured to a cool venue called Parlour & Juke in d'town Nashville. It has a real country, rustic, old school charm that is very fitting for such a creative city. My coloring was done by the very talented Lara Heist who just moved back from New York. Her technique and skill was on point and very professional. My cut and styling was created by the, also very talented, Michael Martin. Michael has been featured in GQ magazine and is very artistic and precise when it comes to hit cut & styling.

The products featured are a grooming tonic by "Ruezel" and a pliable paste by Kevin.Murphy. I use the grooming tonic after I wash and towel dry my hair. Adding just a dime size throughout my hair, it gives my locks some muscle when I get ready to finish styling with the paste. I finish off my style with the pliable paste running it through my hair to give it a slick polished look.

Overall I had a very enjoyable experience and will definitely be coming back. If you are in the Nashville area and looking for a place to "Tame your Mane"...head over to Parlour & Juke for a great experience. The staff is top notch and you are sure to leave very satisfied with your look.


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