Simply Simple

What's up Stay.Foxx Friends??

Welcome to one of my newly found favorites here in Nashville...Barista Parlor.

Side Note: I've started to realize that a lot of my posts involve coffee haha! I NEVER realized how much I drink coffee...OMG! I gotta get this under control guys.

Anyways...back to my original thought.

I am kind of obsessed with the ambience of this place. I love all the rustic touches from the tabletops & lighting to the nautical elements that, combined, make me never want to leave. They have a great vanilla latte (pictured) so if you're in the area in East Nashville...stop on by and grab one.

I wanted to go casual today since it's so hot and I tend to feel more comfortable with a little less clothing. By the end of the Summer i'll probably just be posting about how to style swim trunks b/c that's ALL I will be wearing haha! As you can see i've paired just a simple white v-neck tee and fitted black denim jeans and tennis shoes. My Urban Outfitters shades tie the outfit together creating a simple yet slick look.



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