Into the Blue

How's it going you guys?

I don't know about you but I am so hot natured and down here in the South from mid-June through September, we are covered with a hot, thick humidity blanket my opinion is unbearable unless i'm by an a/c set at a very cool temp of 64 or lounging by a pool. It may not look like it but I was sweating my tail off in these photos haha. Despite the humidity and heat, it was nice to get out and explore.

Linz and I meet up with some friends and then headed to Kalamatas in Brentwood for some lunch. If you haven't NEED to go if you are in the Brentwood area. Their falafel wrap w/ tahini sauce and roasted red potatoes are SOOO good you guys.

As you can see I LOVE the color blue. I think I wear a lot of it in my posts but I can't help it...the color speaks to me okay :). Above I am wearing white-washed denim from H&M along with a button-down from American Eagle and some boat shoes and shades from Urban Outfitters. Don't be afraid to pair like colors together. In my can NEVER wear too much blue.



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