Feat// H&M flex jeans, AE dark denim button down, Nike tennis shoes, & Urban Outfitter Access.

I could walk around NYC forever. There are so many things that spark inspiration and imagination.

Today we ventured to Bryant Park which... I have to say...I could stay there for hours watching all the people while soaking up the sun on the lawn. Also, on the itinerary was The Plaza Hotel. I'm a HUGE "Home Alone" fan so was saddened when, upon my arrival, there was not a limo with a large cheese pizza waiting to whisk me away into the city ha-ha! The Plaza Hotel is as grand and magnificent as you can imagine. From the moment you walk through the revolving doors, you are immediately taken into a world of luxury and grandeur.

To stay comfortable I am wearing white washed flex denim jeans and a dark denim button-down. I LOVE the flex denim because it allows you to move freely and easily while still staying fitted to your body. My Nike tennis shoes tie the look together making it easy to walk long lengths of time while staying on point.



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