2 Years And Counting

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Hey guys! So many of you might not know how Cameron and I met and since today is our 2 year anniversary I thought it would be neat to catch you guys up. So it all started when I was a single guy living It up with life and friends.

While I was living life on the other side was a boy named Cameron who was moving to Nashville from Mississippi getting ready to change my life.

Cameron had moved to Nashville in January of 2018 on a whim and didn't know a soul here. He had always talked about moving to Nashville, he said, and living here. So on a cold day in January he loaded up his smurf blue Pontiac and headed to Music City. Not knowing a soul here he said he found me through Instagram and I immediately caught his eye. He dropped me a DM in Instagram and I don't remember but I didn't answer him back. Thinking it was a rando creepin on me or something.

One night in April 2018 we were both out at PLAY. A local gay bar here in Nashville and having a great night. I was having a particularly great night because I was three sheets to the wind apparently when he approached me. He looked at me and said "Are you the Foxx?". I don't remember anything but he says I just gave him two thumbs up and walked away. haha! Again...I was three sheets to the wind so it's a wonder I didn't just grab him and kiss him then and there. I didn't give him a great impression. In fact, he thought that I was very stuck up like I thought I was a famous person or something. I can tell you I definitely didn't.

The next morning I rose from my lethargic slumber and for whatever reason his face popped into my head and I couldn't remember his name. So I took to Instagram and went on a search. scrolling through my DM's I see someone that looks like Cameron. I click on the message and there he is. I read his messages he sent me a few weeks back and am hesitant to say anything. At that time in my life I wasn't really looking for a relationship nor a simple hook up. I had many of those and was taking a break from it all. I asked him if came up to me a PLAY last night and was talking to me and he was kind of cold and short with me. He then proceeded to tell me about the night before and how I acted and I immediately felt HORRIBLE. I apologized profusely and told him that he had a wonderful smile.

The following weekend I went to visit my Meme in Chattanooga, TN and Cameron and I kept texting and talking over the weekend. I told her that I met this guy that was different than anyone I had met before and not sure what to think of it. Was I ready for a relationship at this point? you tell me...

Yep...you guessed it. Cameron swept me off my feet when I least expected it. Today we celebrate 2 years but it seriously feels like we've known each other for a lifetime. We shared moving in together, making new friends, traveling. You name it. Now we are celebrating that love with a new puppy together whom you may have already gotten a glimpse of. Her name is Rinna and she is a toy poodle. We are so excited to welcome her into our home and continue our love story with her.

To Cameron I will say this. You changed my world for the better. When I thought I couldn't find hope or love in this world you showed up and reminded me that love is real and love is pure. You gave me you whole heart and I have given you mine and we are creating great things together. Happy two years my love and can't wait for the adventures ahead of our little family.


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